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Today we are learning more about Nika from The Good Mood Cosmetics. I found her a while ago on Instagram and fell in love with her branding, products and concept. She is really inspiring and I hope you'll get to know her better.

Hi Nika, you’re a creative and entrepreneur. First tell us a little bit more about you and your background story. So that we can get to know you better.

Hi, I am Nika, lover of nature, animals and all things beautiful. I live in Slovenia with my dog Baj. I love to wander, create and I'm full of ideas for the future.

When did you come up with the idea to start your own business and was there a key moment you knew that starting a business was what you wanted to do ? If yes, what did it feel like ?

It is difficult to get a job these days, so I started with my own business a few years ago. At the beginning natural cosmetics was only my hobby. About a year after I started making soaps for local shops The Good Mood Cosmetics was born.

What does it feel like now ? I’m sure there are many chances and challenges about being your own boss. Tell us a bit more about them.

I think it was my best decision so far. It is hard sometimes to work as a freelancer, but there are also so many great challenges and over the years I have learned a lot through business and also grew as a person. It is an exciting process - from an idea in my head to developing a brand new product and being involved in every step. It never gets boring.

Who else is involved in The Good Mood Cosmetics ? Is it just you at the moment or do you have any employees ?
For now I‘m the only employee. I take care for marketing, sales, testing new recipes and of course making products. Brand design is made by Karmen Sulcer from We Design Stuff. She is very talented and I just love her work. We always find the right solution together. And of course there are also my wonderful friends who help me when I can’t do it alone. I really appreciate it!

What is your creative vision ? Do you feel like there are maybe two sides of you ? The creative one and the business one ? 

I am definitely more creative than a business person.

Do you have any plans and goals for the future, maybe for this year ? At the moment there are a few soaps and lip balms in your shop. Are there any new products planned for the future ?

Brand is still very young, so everything is moving slowly. I have a lot of plans and ideas for the future, but currently I'm more focused on finding new stores where I could sell my products. This year I am planning another collaboration and a new soap in the fall.

NO.7 So now let’s talk a bit more about the production process. Where are your products being produced and which steps are involved. I also read that all of your products are being handmade while still being affordable. Can you explain that ? 

At first an idea pops up in my head and later I transfer it into my notebook. If it seems good, I continue with the testing then we start working on the design. We have to be completely satisfied with the product, otherwise it is not going to the stores. Prices are adjusted so that everybody can afford it, not only once but several times. My goal is to make quality, affordable products for nurturing our skin properly.


If I was an animal I would be... a hyperactive dog ☺

If I was a word I would be... a dreamer.

If I was a colour I would be... deep blue.

I used to... sing in the car.

My favourite Instagram accounts at the moment are... wedesignstuff_tm, designneeds, foryourlifeblog...

I draw inspiration from... nature.

Thank you so much for answering these questions for me! I wish you all the best for your personal future as well as for The Good Mood Cosmetics!

So that was my second business interview on creators talk. Last week we had Laura Howard from Deon Dane and this week we have Nika from The Good Mood I think it's so interesting to see the differences and similarities in their answers. Both of them are so lovely and I feel pleasured that I get to work with such amazing and inspiring people.

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Viviane xx