London Fashion Week | Experience & Street Styles

London Fashion Week set the spotlight for the fashion crowd again, last weekend. Year after year, months after months, the British capital is host of one of the biggest fashion weeks in the world. So without doubt you will find, the craziest, most fashionable and scandalous looks right there. 

I have to say that when Anna and I stood in line for the PORTS 1961 show and we had some time to watch what was going on before the show on the street we were just amazed. We felt like we could just stand there and watch for hours. The outfits, the people, it was like the city was taken over by a new culture from a different planet. Pink fur jackets, sunglasses as big as my face, hats, shoes, bags looking like they were stolen right from the runway. To some extent I think it has to be stated that you somewhat have to dress up like this if you want to get in a shot of one of the hundreds of street style photographers.

If I were living in London, Berlin, New York, Paris or Milan, I would just take the weekend to just watch this absurd and amazing scenario when fashion week is in town. No matter whether you're into fashion or not, the experience is so worth it!

We visited the PORTS 1961 show and the collection was all about big, chunky knits, one sided off-shoulder tops and huge sequin details. I really loved the show and the presentation. Everything was very minimal, clean and underlined by music that suited the style of the collection really well.