New in Portfolio | Travelsome Reiseblog

Client: Birgit Perseus, Travelsome Reiseblog

Work: Custom logo design, monogram & header design

Modern, clean and individual. Working with dream clients who know exactly what they want, who they are and yet trust you with your work are the highest goal for me with my work. This commissioned brand work was exactly that. Birgit and I needed exactly one phone call and we both knew what we were going to work towards. I am so happy that she can now start her travel blog and share so many beautiful tips and photos of distant destinations.

The logo itself, slightly resembles my logo. I think that is pretty clear, but I don't mind that at all and I think she doesn't either. And it is really just the logo. The monogram looks very different. In fact she chose the classic round option and I loosened things a bit by adding the lettering in the center and the classic, very feminine font around it. The header is my absolute favorite. The world map caused a bit of trouble with the contrast and lacking readability but I am more than happy with this very light version now.