The Escape | Travel Diary Mallorca


Yes, I went to Mallorca the last weeks and took these sunny snaps for you guys. Sadly I have to admit that these were probably the last sun rays I got to catch this year. I just found myself looking for a good wool coat and some boots?! Why does time fly so fast? I waaaaaant summer!! At least I have these photos to hold on to until next year… So enjoy this Travel Diary Mallorca.

Also please tell me what you think of this series of Travel Diary posts called the Escape. I am planning to do more as soon as my Wanderlust gets me and I’m off around the globe. Next stop ?!

Also check out lovely Marina’s post on Mallorca through her Fuji x100t she posted a few months ago! Over here.

Below you can find some of my and some of other people’s favorite spots to go when in Mallorca.


Ja, ein Stückchen Sommer durfte ich die letzten Wochen noch abhaben vom ungerecht verteilten Jahreszeiten Kuchen. Dieses Mal ging es nach Mallorca wenn auch nur für ein paar wenige Tage und dennoch waren es die wahrscheinlich letzten wirklichen Sommertage. Erst gestern habe ich schon meine Online Shop Listen mit Winter Sachen gefüllt und Herbst Outfits geshootet. Ich will wieder Sommer?! Naja wenigstens gibt's diese Fotos und die müssen dann wohl leider reichen bis zum nächsten Trip.

Außerdem war das mein erster Eintrag ins Travel Diary unter dem Namen the Escape. Der Nächste kommt dann Mitte Dezember aus dem schönen München und danach mal sehen! Fernweh darf man ja immer haben!!

Und bei dem Stichwort München kann ich auch gleich mal den Post von der lieben Marina erwähnen die schon vor ein paar Monaten Mallorca durch ihre Fuji x100t vor der Linse hatte. Klickt euch hier durch die Bilderserie.


LA TAPERIA Actually owned by a German this very modern, minimal yet cozy restaurant can be found in the hip district La Lonja.

MARE NOSTRUM Supposed to be one of THE go to restaurants with the most and best recommendations. Haven't tried it myself but maybe you want to give it a go. Located in Sa Pobla in the North.


PALMA From Chanel to Zara, you will find everything there. The capital definitely serves you best. Other than that every smaller village has its very own little shops and features to stop and look at.

SMALL VILLAGES The best souvenirs and gifts will come from unexpected places. The island offers so many little villages to explore.


HOTEL CASTELL SON CLARET  The Castell Son Claret is located about 30 minutes west of Palma de Mallorca, in the mountains of Es Campdellà. 

HOTEL CAP ROCAT  In a quiet private bay, the former fortress from the 19th century  is built right on the edge of a cliff. Located about 20 kilometers east from Palma de Malloca in Calva Blana , the "Blue Bay " in the region Migjor.

AIR BNB FINCA A little bit more expensive but perfect when you're planning to go with a bigger group of people to share the price.


CALA TORTA, ARTÁ  A small, hidden almost private beach that seems to be cut off the real world. Aka the perfect beach to relax.

CALA DEIA SÓLLER  Deia is a picture postcard village now very popular for ‘celebrity’ second homes.

Viviane xx