The Escape | Zürich


Since I don't want to go on with long texts and I am not really good at writing travel guides I just wanted to use this post to share some of my photos and infos from my 4-day trip to Zürich a few days ago. I spent the days visiting my lovely Jennifer März. She works as a wedding photographer and happens to live in Zürich. 

And before we start: I was not payed for any of this. Just sharing my experience.

Where I stayed ?

  • Radisson Blu Hotel at the Zürich Airport, this was super handy since you have really quick access to all shops in the airport which are open till 11pm and even on Sundays. And even though it's technically at the airport I have to say there were absolutely no noises of airplanes at all. Another plus side is the hotel itself. Fun fact: I am a huge fan of great hotel breakfast and this one was AMAZING!

Useful Tips

  • If you're planning on exploring the city by foot and public transport, which I would very very much recommend, you should get the so called ZürichCard. You get to use public transport in the city for free, entrance to soooo many museums for free and discounts for the rest. And you also get discounts for so many more activities in and around Zürich. It cost me 24 CHF for 24h and 48 CHF for 72h. Considering a train trip from the airport to the main station would already cost CHF 13.60 and one museum entrance on average CHF 16 you've got the price covered rather quickly

Things I did

  • Jennifer took me up to the "Lindenhof" where the photo above was taken as well. You get a great view from up here
  • Go up to the Uetliberg, take the S10 (Platform 22) at the main station. This one goes up all the way to the top of the mountain and takes around 20 minutes. I would also recommend to go the extra mile and spend 2 CHF to go up on the tower. That way you get an even better view. Although I am afraid of heights I had to get up there. You can then decide to either hike all the way down or just take the train back if you have less time.
  • Visit the arts museum "Migros Sammlung für Gegenwartskunst" this one focusses on contemporary arts. I do have to say I did not like the temporary exhibition that was featured there at all. Although I am really open to any kind of art I do have to say that this was not worth it for me
  • Another museum: "Museum Haus Konstruktiv" This one was so great. It featured a lot of constructive artists such as Andrew Bick, Cerith Wyn Evans or Marlow Moss. 
  • Visit the old town. Although most of Zürich's architecture is pretty old the buildings in the traditional old town are even more impressive. We also found this beautiful fountain there filled with flowers.
  • Take a walk a long the smaller river "Sihl". They have built a path right along the river and especially when its nice and sunny outside it's so much more relaxing to walk along there than at the busy street. 
  • If you have time: Take a trip to Basel/Weil am Rhein to visit the Vitra Design Campus. We both knew it was going to be great but when we were there it was even better. I really recommend this to anyone. Even if you're not into interior design, their museum and temporary exhibitions are so worth it and have nothing to do with interior design. 

Where to eat?

  • There are not that many restaurant recommendations I can give you here but I do have to share this one. The Hiltl has been in Zürich since 1898. I think it can best be described as understated luxury. It's big, it's kind of luxurious but you'll probably find nobody with suit and tie there. They offer a lot of vegan and vegetarian options and we both looooved the food.