As a designer and creative I have specialised in the fields of wedding stationery and branding. I often get asked by clients "We have the following idea... Do you also offer this?" And my answer is in 99% YEEESSSS! I love to hear all your crazy ideas and make them possible. But here's a summary of the most common fields I work in

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Wax seals

Image via  Stamptitude

Image via Stamptitude

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Envelope Liner

Custom Wedding Stationery

I offer a full on wedding stationery package with save the date cards, invitations, menu, seating plans, menus and much more.

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Predesigned Sets

If you're on a shorter budget or you just don't have that much time left to your big day the predesigned sets are perfect for you. I am constantly working on new designs and sets for you but so far we have the sets below available for you. 

Modern Glam


Lettering Services

Weddings & Events

  • mirrors for menus

  • wood for seating plans

  • any stone material

  • glass

  • Envelope Addressing

  • Escort & Place Cards


  • Custom Prints

  • Signage on any material

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